There are times when the buyer doesn’t have a time to check on the property that they are interested with. Sometimes they rely on the photos found on the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. If the picture looks really good on the eyes of the potential buyer, it could really increase the level of their interest with the property. If it looks bad, then expect that the potential buyer would look for another property. So, does listing photos matter? Absolutely yes. More than you ever know. Posting photos are very in demand nowadays. A lot are looking on the internet for their potential house because not only they are busy to go to the actual property, but it also saves time rather than going to the actual house when they are not really sure yet about the property. Why waste effort when you don’t have an actual picture what the house looks like?

How do you market your property on the MLS site? It is best to use a proper equipment for taking pictures. It is best to use a decent camera for taking pictures. The camera must have a good lighting capability, has to have high-resolution, has the capability of adjusting the exposure, ISO and focus. It is fine to take photos from your smartphone camera, only if your phone can produce quality pictures. Don’t use a camera that is VGA capable only as it produces poor quality photos. You don’t want the buyers to be turned off with the pictures. Remember, the buyer has not seen the actual house yet, so, it is best to impress your potential buyers by using a good-looking photo on MLS. Properly lit, high-resolution photos are the only type of pictures you should use in a home marketing campaign. Imagine if the pictures you have posted are not properly lit, the buyers would not be able to appreciate the house. They can’t see every detail on the picture if the lighting is really bad on the photo. It is cliché, but it is really important to put your best forward. You really have to impress them!

Once you have a decent camera to use, it is best if you or your agent spend as much time and energy on the photo shoot as they do on creating curb appeal or staging an open hose. It is best to take photos when you have the best natural light. Nothing beats that. You also have to make sure you’ll capture the best angle of the house. Make sure that the house is clean and in top shape before you start taking pictures to entice potential buyers. You need to highlight the strength of the house. For example, if the kitchen or bath is newly renovated, you have to take photos of them and capture the place property.
Most often, after buyers have checked your home, they will check the photos on their computers and will take a second look. Usually, high-quality photos that show the home well will keep them interested that may lead to an offer.

Remember, first impression lasts that’s why you need to make sure that the pictures you are going to post deserve a second glance.


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