Customer service is everything when you have a business. More than the content and quality of your product, customer service is one of the important factors as to why your customer keeps on coming back. Imagine when you are calling to your ISP, wanting to ask questions about a promo, then the agent who is on the other line is very rude and unprofessional? What would you feel? If that happens to me, even though the ISP is very reliable, I might be switching to another ISP. Someone who will treat their customers right. Someone who will really listen and acknowledge the customer’s issue.

What is customer service by the way? According to Wikipedia, customer service is “the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase.” As per Businessdictionary, “all interactions between a customer and a product provider at the same time of sale, and thereafter.”

When I was a Customer Service Representative a couple of years back, I was taught of the importance of customer service. When I was an agent from a telecommunications company in Australia, I was told that customer experience is very important, more than the product itself. I thought before, “who the heck cares, for as long as they are getting the service that they wanted, they will stick with us.” Boy I was very wrong. Because there were few times wherein I was able to resolve customer’s issue, but I was given a poor feedback by our customers. I thought why? I listened to my call, realized that though I was able to resolve the customer’s issue, I lacked empathy. I was not really sincere to help the customer. Probably I was tired when the call came in and didn’t care much about the customer. Since then, I have learned my lesson. Indeed, customer service is a huge factor for the customers to keep on patronizing your service or products. I’ve watched a TV show a couple of days ago, and the host asked the owner of the business as to what is their secret why their business is very successful, they own a restaurant. The owner said aside from the quality of their foods, they would usually approach the customers. They would give time and talk to their customers. They would usually ask how their day is, feedback about the food, things that they need to improve, and their customers liked it. They found out that their customers are increasing by numbers and they have found out that there are a lot of blogs about their restaurant. Most of the feedback is because of good customer service.

To sum it all, here are the qualities of a good customer service:

1.Always acknowledge your customer.
2.Be sincere, they will feel it if you are sincere or you are just faking it.
3.Whether they are irate or in a good mood, always communicate to them nicely.
4. Smile.

If you follow these things, customer will love you and promote your business by word of mouth.


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