There are plenty of reasons why I am the best rockstar VA. I don’t want to brag, but my experience would be one of my ticket that’s why I consider myself as the best among the rest.

In my 10 years in the BPO industry, I have worked my way up, from an Agent position to being a Specialist and from being a Specialist to becoming a Supervisor.

Why did I bring this up? This goes to show that I am passionate in everything that I do. I give my 200%. I give my heart, I’m all out. My hunger for success is never-ending. I aim for excellence.

Being in the industry has taught me a lot of things. Things that I’m pretty sure I can use as a GVA combined with the training that I received from Myoutdesk.  I  have the skills that I can use to climb my way up to success as a GVA: Independent, resourceful, flexible, has keen eye for details and good communication skills.

You have to be independent because you are going to work with a busy client, they will not be there all the time, so most of the time, no one will be there to help you but yourself. Resourceful because not everything will be provided by your client. There are times you have to research on your own. Flexible because you have to adjust to the demands of your client. There maybe a time you need to render overtime or you might be working with a group, so you have to be ready for everything. Keen eye for details is a must as a GVA because you might be working on a contract, and since this is a legal document, you have to check the details of the contract. Lastly is good communication skills. A GVA has to effectively communicate with the clients to achieve great results.

In addition, I have my core values that can help me achieve my goals and my client’s too. These are reliability, integrity and commitment.

Experience. Passion. Skills. Core values. These are the factors why I am the chosen one.


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