Imagine when you call your ISP, telling them that you don’t have internet for days, then the person on the other line doesn’t really acknowledge what you say, rude and unprofessional? What would you feel as a customer? I’m pretty sure you will be angry, worst, you might end up talking to his or her supervisor. Or when you go to a mall asking a saleslady to get you a shoe size that woud fit you, and you are being neglected? Isn’t it frustrating? Of course. That’s why customer service is really important. Customer Service in real estate is a must as well. Agents in the real estate is in the business of serving too.

What will happen to agents who didn’t satisfy their clients because of poor customer service skills? I guess you got it right. Their clients will never get their service anymore, worst, they will never refer the agent, or they will share their horrible encounter with their agent. In return, the agent will have a bad reputation in the real estate world.

A realtor has a lot of duties other than buying or selling a property on behalf of their client. For realtors, if you have a good customer service, you should always communicate with your client. They should be up to date of what’s going on. Are they still on the timeframe or they are behind? Communication should be open all the time.

Also, just like others, realtors should give their clients the best customer experience ever. They should be professional when dealing with their clients at all times. Clients mean business so you have to do your part, go beyond their expectation. Don’t make them feel that you are doing your job just because of your commission. You should always make your clients feel that you care for them and you’ve got the best of intentions.

If you are professional, there is open communication, you care and you go beyond their expectation, in return, your clients will get you if they need your service again, plus, they will also refer  you to others. More clients, more profit.






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