The Best Thing that I have learned in Training So far…

Being in training gives me a feeling of thrill, excitement, and most of all, fear. Excitement and thrill because I get to learn something new, something that I’ve never done before as I’m used to being on the phone for the whole shift. Fear because I don’t really know what to expect, if I will pass or not.  However, my fear disappeared because I have a very kind Trainer and batchmates.

True enough, I got to learn a lot o things. Things that I’ve never done before. I’ve learned to trust my instinct, to be more independent and resourceful than ever. Since this is a homebased company, and we are just communicating with our trainer via internet, most of the time, we have to rely on ourselves. Before, I didn’t have any idea how PDF works, but oh boy, now, I’ve learned how to convert a file and combined PDF files in a short span of time. I was not really into Twitter, but because it is very important as we might be handling our client’s Twitter account, I got to learn on how to create an account, edit my profile and tweet! Third was my patience was really tested. Imagine, there were times I didn’t have enough sleep because I had to study and finish my projects. It’s as if I’m back in my college days. But all of the hardships has paid off because I was able to adjust.  I consider these as the best things that I’ve learned in training because I’ve learned to be tough, flexible and to adjust.

Because of the things that I’ve learned in this hard and extensive training, I’m pretty sure I will survive being a GVA. I know I will make my trainer proud as I didn’t waste my second chance.




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